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Join the Piece of Cake Email Marketing Masterclass

Create a clear message. Sell your products and services. Make 2020 your most profitable year yet!

Doors close Sunday, February 23rd!

Email Marketing that gets results!

The beauty of owning your own business is you get to perfect and sell your favorite products and services all day long. 

You know you need to send emails to grow your business, but how?

You’re not a marketing expert, and with the vast amount of information about email marketing available today, you’re more confused than ever.

I get it!

You’re in luck, friend! The Piece of Cake Email Marketing Masterclass is designed to help you get your email marketing done (and done right!) with a certified expert by your side the entire way!

In this Masterclass, we’ll work through:

What to say – the words you need to use to convince people to buy from you.

Content Planning – a full year of email content planned, written, and scheduled. 

Email marketing best practices – the exact tactics that get people to actually open and respond to your emails.

Best of all? Working on it now means you’ll get off to a great start to a new decade. 

2020 could just be your best year yet!

Grow your business on purpose.

Join the Masterclass

What more could you ask for than hands-on coaching from a marketing expert for 5 whole weeks? Plus, a group of talented Rockstar business owners who are in the same boat as you are!

Create your materials

You’ll work through the videos and worksheets and we’ll have group calls to sort through it all. You’ll have everything you need to make your email marketing a piece of cake!

Grow your business!

You’ll have a clear message that explains exactly what you do so your customers will want to buy from you AND the emails you need to grow your business. 

You need this Masterclass if…

  • You have an existing business (or are ready to launch a new one).
  • You want people to open your emails.
  • You’re tired of spending a ton of time sending emails and getting no results.
  • You want people to respond to your sales efforts.
  • You want people to understand what you do and how you can help them.

    Piece of Cake Email Marketing Masterclass

    What’s included?

    Email Marketing best practices, tips and tricks, and lessons learned.

    We’ve made all the mistakes, learned all the hard lessons, and digested all the industry best practices so you don’t have to! All of it presented nicely in just a 5-week Masterclass, ready for you to dive in and create all the content you need for your business for the entire year!


    Full access to an Email Marketing Expert for the duration of the program!

    Most business owners wish they had an extra set of eyes on their emails, helping them refine their message and see things in their ‘curse of knowledge blindspot’. As your Guide, I’ll be there every step of the way to help you write the emails you need to have a successful business.

    Everything you need for a rock solid 2020 Marketing Funnel to grow your business!

    You’ve been dying to figure out how to get your email marketing straight for 2020 and beyond. Now you’ve got all the emails you need to launch and grow your business! Stop doing random acts of marketing and instead grow your business on purpose!

    Here’s how we’ll work together to get it all done!

    The Gist?

    3 Group 1-hour coaching calls to understand the concepts, ask questions, refine your work, and learn a ton of best practices as we create your email content for the entire year together.

    Private Group access for the duration of the program where we’ll review your emails together. YAY!

    Why join this masterclass?

    We all suffer from the curse of knowledge about our business, products and services. We simply know too much to be able to talk about it in a way that makes sense to someone who knows little to nothing about what we do. 

    This is why it takes seven hours and 97 revisions to send one silly email that hardly no one is currently responding to. 

    It doesn’t have to be this way. 

    You’ll get 1:1 help to create your email marketing in a way that makes people do what you want them to do.

    You’ll have an intriguing message you can implement in your business so the message is clear and people want to buy from you.

    You’ll feel confident you know how to talk about your business in a way that resonates with your target.

    Most importantly, you will grow your business.

    Let’s hear it!

    So you want to hear some success stories…

    A mortgage client was skeptical about email programs because ‘they don’t work in this small town’. 

    We wrote a series of 5 emails, after the first two, we had more than 8 interested repeat customers and several new loans closed. 

    Mortgage Company - Messaging

    A consulting company was getting 10-20% open rates and maybe a meeting every few emails. 

    We started seeing 40-60% open rates and meeting requests from every single email.

    Consulting - Messaging + Marketing

    A service-oriented client tripled their business after implementing the Storybrand framework. 

    We updated the website, sales emails, sales materials, and created messaging and a marketing funnel that actually works!

    B2C Services - Messaging + Marketing

    … and from some business owners just like you!

    There are so many good things to say about what Erika has to say, it’s ridiculous.

    I’ll just put it like this: without Erika, I would have barely made my revenue goal at the very end of 2019. With Erika’s guidance and encouraging (or provoking), I smashed by goal by more than 10%.

    Simple as that. Erika’s coaching, experience, and friendly but powerful pushes to excel all really, actually WORK.

    Chris Bourland

    Quill and Lens

    Erika is the best marketing consultant we have ever hired in our 40 years of business. Our organization is weird and her first drafts were right on target. She has been honest giving feedback about our existing messaging and helped us craft the best messaging we have ever had. Her fees are very reasonable and her expertise is worth every dollar we have paid her!

    Suzanne Dudley


    Erika put together a sales letter for me that translated to almost $10K in revenue in just one week. It’s safe to say she has a way with words if you let her work her magic!

    Judy Bailey

    Your Home Sold Guaranteed - The Bailey Team

    Erika is an amazing coach with terrific resources for marketing strategy beginners.

    I have to say that Erika’s resources and personal guidance have changed the course of my business and income for the extreme better.

    Chris Shull

    Heyday Web Media

    What’s the investment?

    If you were to hire Piece of Cake Marketing to write just 5 emails for you, it would cost you $3,000

    For one payment of $497 (or $99 per week for 5 weeks) the email marketing help your business deserves can be all yours!

    Piece of cake marketing


    Who am I, anyway?

    I’m Erika Bryant, a Certified Storybrand Guide who helps businesses communicate clearly. As I’ve worked with many business owners over the years, one thing is certain: we lose sales when we don’t define a clear message.  

    I’m hosting this guided Email Marketing Masterclass so you can confidently speak about the products and services you offer to transform your customers lives. Then go on to actually create the emails you need to market your business effectively.

    Never done anything like this before? Don’t worry, I’m here to help! I’ll be available to you throughout the month to wordsmith with you, help you get unstuck, and cheer you on! Coupled with the fabulous group of business owners already joining us, and my deep marketing expertise, there’s no reason you can’t do this! 

    Need to know more?