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One Liner Challenge

You’ll finally be able to confidently answer the question “What do you do?” with words that get sales. You’ll know what to say and where to say it so people can clearly understand what you have to offer immediately.

We all know the scene…

You’re at a networking meeting, someone asks “What do you do?” and you either: 

  • spew something about the latest project you’ve been working on 
  • start with “It’s complicated…” then drone on for a few minutes about random things you’re super interested in
  • conjure up the most intelligent-sounding buzzword-filled sentence and hit ’em with it hoping it lands

Or some fun combination of the above.

People nod politely, but nothing happens. They don’t ask further questions, they don’t want to connect, and you just feel like you’ve wasted 10 minutes of everyone’s time. Then, you move to next group of people and try it again. 

So, what’s a business owner to do??

Create a One Liner, that’s what!

A One Liner (formerly ‘elevator pitch’) is a powerful statement that sums up the problems your potential clients face, how your products or services solve it, and shows them what success looks like after they buy from you. These simple words invite them into a story that will transform them in some way by using your products and services.

When your message is clear, people buy from you. 

Craft a One Liner, implement it, and grow your business.

Join the Challenge

The challenge is ready when you are and is 100% FREE, zero obligation. Join other business owners as we create One Liners together!

Let's get to work!

You’ll be invited to the Piece of Cake Marketing Society facebook group where you’ll get videos and prompts to complete the challenge.

Use your One Liner!

You’ll have a One Liner you can use in person and in all your marketing materials to explain exactly what you do so customers will buy from you!

Why should you have a One Liner?

  • Use the valuable first 10 second of your first impression wisely.
  • Random words about what you do hardly ever work. One Liners do!
  • Businesses who have clearly defined messaging are more likely to succeed. 
  • Create repeatable, memorable messaging that works to grow your business!
  • Align your team with the same language.
  • Get clear about the problem you solve and how to say it so people will listen.
  • Confused customers don’t buy. Those who understand what you offer do!
  • Grow your business on purpose!

3-day One Liner Challenge

What’s included in the Challenge?

Understand what a One Liner is (and isn't!)

There’s a quick 3-step formula for a One Liner rooted in research on human behavior. You’ll learn the formula and how to use it to create your One Liner!


Write your One Liner, get feedback, and refine

This is the fun part! Test your One Liner drafts and get valuable feedback. By the end of this exercise, you’ll have an impressive One Liner that lands well.


Work through the implementation checklist

Your marketing efforts only work if you put them to work. Utilize the implementation checklist to ensure you’ve got it in all the right places.

Why join this challenge?

We all suffer from the curse of knowledge about our business, products and services. We simply know too much to be able to talk about it in a way that makes sense to someone who knows little to nothing about what we do. 

Getting feedback from the Challenge group and a Storybrand Certified Guide (read: Messaging Expert) is insanely valuable to getting a clear message that resonates well. 

Let’s hear it!

What Business Professionals Just Like You Are Saying

I struggled for years to clarify my message. I am so incredibly thankful for Erika being such great Guide. My message has never been clearer! 

Andrew Louder

Louder Co.

Erika is a natural at hearing people’s problems and giving them guidance that helps them move forward. Coaching is truly one of her gifts.

Kathy Reynolds


Erika captured the core of our message. It was almost like she read my mind and re-worded it in a way that made it clear and simple for my clients!

Breyers Lane

Breyers' Canine Academy

Piece of cake marketing


Who am I, anyway?

I’m Erika Bryant, a Certified Storybrand Guide who helps businesses get clear on their messaging so they can communicate clearly. As I’ve worked with many business owners over the years, one thing is clear: we lose sales when we don’t define our message clearly.  

I’m launching this free 3-day challenge as my gift to you so you can confidently speak about the products and services you offer to transform your customers lives. 

Never done anything like this before? Don’t worry, I’m here to help! I’ll be available to you throughout the challenge to wordsmith with you, help you get unstuck and cheer you on! Coupled with the fabulous group of business owners already joining the challenge, and my copywriting expertise, there’s no reason you can’t do this! Need to know more?